Top Tours, Attractions and Things to Do in Singapore With Klook

Welcome to Singapore the futuristic city with clean and green attractions all around. Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia & a global financial centre. Singapore is an in and out newest city of 2050, where sand and clay shines like stars and beaches are never far apart. You can always have enjoyment and fun. If you are a summer person you are going to really like this place. Singapore is definitely the place for you. It has beautiful beaches, Merlion and a lot more places of attraction. Being the most desirable city of the world it is quite expensive, so just for a hint, I can tell you that you can find great deals and tour packages with Klook & Klook promo code and get huge deals and discounts. You can book your favourite adventures destination with them.

So Come on travellers, the greatest adventures still lie ahead at Singapore. So, stop dreaming about your bucket list and go ahead and explore the beautiful city of Singapore.

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Where East meets west

With a tropical climate and multicultural population, Singapore is a mixture of four cultures, the South Asian culture, the Malay culture (Malaysian), the East Asian culture and Eurasian culture. Thus Singapore has been said as a country where “East meets the West”. Diversity is most celebrated in Singapore with multiple cultures and races but one more thing which enriches Singapore is its multiple Cuisines. It has taste buds from native Malays, the Chinese, Indians as well as Indonesian, and some other western cultures. For Singaporeans eating food is the national pastime, for them, food is really crucial. A common gesture for Singaporean Chinese is the question “Have you eaten?”


Attractions & Distractions to please you

Nights are the most beautiful in Singapore.  If you are a person who loves sitting near parks and watch water shows with brilliance and excellence then you should never miss the fine view of “Gardens by the Bay”. The beauty and elegance shall definitely put a stir to your soul. The Lion with the body of a fish, the “Merlion” is also a very well-known attraction of Singapore. Sounds interesting? Yes, this is the official mascot and national personification of Singapore. It spouts out water from its mouth and stands tall at 8.6 meters. This symbol represents the sea town of Singapore.


The places, the beauty and the attractions are never-ending. Must visit places are the Sentosa Island, The Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, The Night Safari, Orchard Roads, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo, Hawker Center etc.

If you are a beach lover you should surely visit Sentosa Island and if you are a little kid at heart you should visit the Singapore Zoo which is exclusively designed. It is set at Rain Forest and has over 2800 animals. The zoo displays animals at open exhibits with hidden barriers to catch your attention. You can also go for various themed parks at the Universal Studios. It is “one- of -its-kind” park in Asia.

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