The complete information about Philippines for travellers

About the Philippines

The beautiful country Philippines is situated near to the Pacific Ocean. The city is surrounded by clear water and by unique coral reefs. The country is having a number of Islands; Luzon is the largest island of this place that carries tallest mountain ranges. The Cordillera Central is spread over 2743 sq.m. Out of many mountain peaks some carry active volcanoes and Mount Apo is one among them. Manila is the largest city of Philippine and also its capital city. Manila bay is more popular for handling shipping and trade of the state. The center part of the city is known with the name Visayas and its southern island is Mindanao. The Visayas Island includes Leyte, Cebu, Panay, Samar and Negros.

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The Island

The existence of Philippine island is related with volcanoes eruption. May be millions of years back due to any explosion deep inside the earth curst, volcano eruptions have been taken place and that had created this nation. However, most of its ranges are still deep inside the sea. The available mountain is completely covered with dense forest that leads heavy rainfall all the time in the region. Due to continue rainfalls one can easily find out many rivers, streams and waterfalls. The climate of city is just amazing and endowed with mind-blowing sceneries. Unfortunately, people are not understanding its value and blindly cutting down the trees for getting timber and space for dwelling beings.

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The Coastline

The coastal line is spread up to 36,300 Km in length and touches nearly 7000 islands. People who prefer to see white sand and picturesque must visit to Boracay, here you will also get tropical plants like palm trees and mangrove trees. I will suggest you to get agoda Voucher codes from internet portals and visit this place in less budget.

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The lakes and rivers

Filipinos take fresh water from lakes and rivers to irrigate their fields and also for their day to day needs like washing and drinking. The largest river of this country is the Pasig River. The popular Cagayan River is the longest river that flows through Central Cordilleras on Luzon Island.

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As I told you that this country has a number of active Volcanoes. The recent volcano eruption happened in the year 1991; it has taken lives of more than 1000 people. The Mount Mayo has erupted 48 times in 400 years. Such eruptions are quite dangerous not only for human lives but also for entire living being. Such places remain dormant for more than decades.

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The Philippine People

The country is a nice blend of several cultures. During my visit, I noticed the clear impression of Stone Age people. Countries like Indonesia, Europe and Spain also invaded the city on the regular time interval. People are very soft spoken and well mannered. They know how to respect visitors. The Filipinos give more importance to education and give high respect to others values.
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