Experience A Country ahead of comparison- Singapore

Experience A Country ahead of comparison- Singapore

The beautiful city Singapore is situated in Southeast Asia. It is also known as economic giant and quite popular and modern from a century. Singapore is one of the costliest places of Asia, but still people from all over the world come here every year to explore it in much better way. In brief let me tell you about this city. It is a nice blend of mixed culture, tradition and modernity of places like Malay, Arab, Chinese, English and Indian.

The amazing tapestry and sightseeing makes it heaven particularly for nature and shopping lovers. Geographically it is situated just on tip of Malay Peninsula. Singapore Government is firm, efficient and people oriented that has made this city tension free form crime and other miscreant activities. My recent trip to Singapore was just mind blowing; I explored many adventurous things and places. You must go through my blog to know more about this fantastic place.

3 Things to do in Singapore:

Singapore History Museum:

This National History Museum carries more information about the rich heritage of Singapore. It consist history of Southeast Asia particularly related with its ethnology and archaeology. Its collections make it a wonderful place to visit.

Singapore Museum

Singapore Flyer:

Explore the world from breathtaking 360° height. This is the best Singapore flyer give iconic view of historical landmarks. Nothing can be more romantic then flying high with someone whom you love and care a lot. Its four-course sky dining opportunity will definitely take away your heart.

Singapore Flyer

Fort canning park:

There are a number of places available in Singapore to visit, but I choose a few that is best for all type of people. This fort canning park is available with hiking trail completely enclosed within a rustic environment. It is a small hillock perfectly fit and fine for your adventurous mood. This park remains open from 7am to 7pm, so time will not come in your way.

fort canning park singapore

Visit to Mustafa center:

For shopping lovers this place is not less than a paradise. Here you will get whole collection of fashion related things along with exclusive electronic gadgets. Particularly at this centre you will amazed to get huge collection of jewellery, fashion, cosmetics, medicinal products, watches, consumer electronics, toiletries, CD,DVD, confectioneries, shoes, cosmetics and several other type of things.

mustafa center singapore

Apart from numerous attraction points and crowded places you will feel a kind of peace everywhere. On my suggestion, you must visit trip.com to find out good deals of discounted coupons. Trip.com Promo Code is the best out of many that I have personally used to make my journey less expensive. The city is constantly reinventing, evolving and reimagining itself.

It’s my personal feedback that city is just exclusive for foodies, collectors, socialites, action seekers and culture shapers. Let me suggest you be and act like a passionate ambassador of yourselves. Go to Singapore, experience its hospitality with your loved ones and collect beautiful memories for a lifetime and don’t forget to avail these wonderful discounted coupons.